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Flags -The oldest Visual Identity

Flags are the oldest visual identity. The first flags were used to assist military co-ordination on battlefields and flags have since evolved into a general tool for signs and identification. Flags are also widely used in messaging, advertising or for decorative purposes. Read more..

Nowadays street Flags or street Banners are widely used for outdoor events, outdoor decoration, such as sports events, council flags, corporate flags, etc. Street flags or banner flags can be found in a number of different locations, including exhibition halls, information centres, fairs and other conventions. They can be put alongside teardrop flags for best results.

Street flags printed digitally in full colour are to easily garner the attention of passersby. Your business can use the exact information to best reach your customers. Use them with the combination of

feather flags

with them and you will be good to go.

Technology change Flags/Street Flags

IT Technology changes the world and changes the flags as well. Nowadays all the flags have been printed digitally. Technology changes the way to make flags, screen print, dye sublimation print, direct print. People create and design, printer and technology make it happen.

  • EZBanner is specialized in fabric/cloth print and we are professional flags maker in Australia. Dye sublimation print has been used to bring vivid print result.
  • Flags comes with two options single sided print with clear mirror image and double sided print with correct images on both sides
  • There are various fabric/cloth options Satin, Blockout fabric, Shinny, Mesh, Elastic, etc. Customers can choose appropriate one to fit their needs. Contact us for Fabric/Cloth sample book
  • A number of finishing we can do, hemmed edge, sewn pockets/sleeves, sewn ropes, eyelets, sewn plastic clips, etc
  • Besides flags making, we supply flags poles for street flags, beach flags, teardrop flags/feather flags, giant flag pole, etc.

Choose from our wide range of products for this purpose. We are just a call away. Hide this content.

Street Flags

Street Flags

Great for Outdoor Event
Full colour digital print
Mount on wall or pole
Graphic size: 600mm width x height can be customized
    • Single sided or Double sided print
    • 2x Fiberglass Poles
    • 2x Base
    • 4x Fasten Metal String
600mm wide x 1500mm high  
Single sided
(with Clear Reverse Image)
$109+GST/per unit
Double sided $149+GST
Street flag poles

Street Flags or Event Flags

Street Flags or Event Flags

Out Door Events or Company Flags
Full colour digital print
Quality fabric
Single sided or Double sided
    • Flag tape with clips
    • Sewn pocket
Outdoor or Indoor use
Single sided $55+GST/sqm
Double sided $68+GST/sqm
Flag tape with clips: $4.2+GST/per meter
Sewn pocket: $3.5+GST/per meter

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