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Teardrop Banners

Otherwise known as flag stands, flying banners and feather flags, teardrop banners provide an effective promotional solution for: Read more..

  • outdoor events
  • point of sales
  • trade shows
  • shopfront displays
  • car dealers

With their high visibility and durable construction, teardrop banners assist small shops and retailers in attracting customers and gaining recognition from people off the street.

The EZBanner Range of Teardrop & Feather Banners

EZBanner have four banner shapes to choose from, including Shark, Dolphin, Teardrop and Feather Flags. Able to be fully customised to suit the requirements of your business or product, our banners are a flexible and versatile option. Templates of artwork are available by request to help our clients with design work, and all of our options can be printed single sided or double sided depending on your needs. Our single sided flags are printed onto a high-quality transparent fabric, resulting in a clear reverse image. For those who prefer two sides, our double sided flags are printed on two pieces of fabric with a block out fabric layer in-between to separate each side.

In addition to letting you select the desired shape of your teardrop or feather banner, EZBanner provides a choice of four bases, suitable for different purposes. Our durable swivel spike bases are fantastic for outdoor use, while our cross base and water bag options are perfect for indoor or outdoor purposes. We can also provide car bases for displaying banners beside cars and wall mounts for wall installation, ensuring we’ll have a solution to suit your company’s needs.

Event Banners

Our premium event banners feature high-quality poles that are height adjustable and great for event shows. Aligning event banners in rows amongst crowds is a great way to guarantee that your sponsors receive maximum exposure. They also help to create a setting and highlight certain areas of the event.

In addition to our teardrop and feather banners, EZBanner provide a range of other outdoor displays including A Boards, Street Flags, and Giant Pole Flags. Hide this content.

Flying Banner/Wind Flag

Flying Banner/Wind Flag


Step 1: Shape – Choose from 4 Shapes including teardrop and feather banners
Step 2: Size — Choose from 4 Sizes
Step 3: Base — Choose from 4 Bases
Step 4: Print — Single Sided or Double Sided
Step 5: Get Template and Send your Artwork

Single side print with clear reverse image
Quality fabric print
Single Sided – Clear reverse image
Double Sided – Correct image on both sides
    • 1set of poles
    • 1x base
    • 1x water bag if Cross Base is chosen
    • 1x carry bag
    • 1x flag

Size Option 1 Price Option 2 Price
Ground cross
water bag
XL $295 $425 $335 $465
L $245 $345 $285 $380
M $195 $265 $235 $295
S $165 $199 $195 $245

Choose your Base


  Item Code Item Name Price
  B 01
Budget Cross Base(Iron)
B 02
Premium Cross Base(Stainless Steel)
B 03
Spike Base
B 04
Car Base
B 05
Heavy Duty Square Base
B 06
45° Metal Wall Base
B 07
90° Metal Wall Base
Water Bag

Choose your Shape

Teardrop Feather
Shape Graphic Size (cm) Height (cm) Template Shape Graphic Size (cm) Height (cm) Template
Teardrop Shape Banners XL: 129x400 500 Feather Shape Banners XL: 63.5x480 600
L: 100x300 400 L: 75x380 500
M: 100x240 340 M: 90x300 400
S: 90x180 250 S: 60x240 300
Dolphin Shark
Shape Graphic Size (cm) Height (cm) Template Shape Graphic Size (cm) Height (cm) Template
Dolphin Shape Banners XL: 112x500 550 Bali Shape Banners XL: 68x550 600
L: 112x400 450 L: 68x450 500
M: 112x300 350 M: 68x350 400
S: 112x200 250 S: 68x250 300
Height: from ground to top

Pre-Designed Flags

Pre-design Teardrop Shape BannersPre-design Feather Shape Banners

Different Height of Event Banners

Event Banners

Great for Exhibition Shows and Events
Quality fabric print (Sturdy poles, 32mm diameter)
Single Sided – Clear reverse image
Double Sided – Correct image on both sides
    • 1set of poles (Sturdy poles, 32mm diameter)
    • 1x cross bases
    • 1x water bag
    • 1x carry bag
    • 1x flag
Cross base pole
Code Size of Flag Single Sided Double Sided
FLB-EXPRO S: 250x80 CM $220 $305
M: 350x80 CM $254 $363
L: 450x80 CM $301 $435
XL: 550x80 CM $354 $515